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Fawnling OC: Schande by SilverEnvy09 Fawnling OC: Schande by SilverEnvy09

Basic Information


Birth Name: Sterne - Leise
Current Name: Schande (Sh-on-da)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, but if the stories are to be believed, Ancient
Date of Birth: Shortly after the creation of the world
Height: 14hh
Build: Light/medium
Phenotype: Sooty Silver Sable Champagne Dun Max Partially Restricted Smoky Fawn
Genotype: EE/Ata/nCh/StySty/nZ/nD/fwsfws/rzrz
Eye Colour: Bright hazel

Use: OC
OC World: Anfang

Sexuality: Unknown
Relationship Status: Unknown
Sire: Anfang
Dam: None
Fawns: Kostbar
Design Sheet: Fawn-O-Ween Flashbang Auction (#2)

Schande is a very average sized fawnling. She is neither delicate like her sisters or muscular like her brothers but stands about in the middle. Her silvery locks hang limply from her neck and tail like it is constantly wet. She keeps her mane at a manageable length at her shoulders but lets her tail drag behind her. Her coat emits a dim glow that gives her an eery look. The most noticeable feature on her is her ‘sin’ stripes that cover her body. She does not have a horn but sharp tusks and carries only one trinket: a necklace with a glass bottle that appears to contain several growing spheres?

Self conscious, Determined, Attention Seeking, Timid, Despairing

Leise had always been a timid little star. She admired her sisters as they were perfect in every way. Leise tried to compete with them but fell short every time. She was dismayed that she was the dimmest star in the sky. Never looked at or paid attention to. She was left on her own in the inky darkness. But she did not let this stop her from trying to gain her father’s eye. Though, as time passed, her determination to gain a place in her family dwindled with each passing year. She decided to turn her determination on herself and started to focus on finding one person to love her.

Spiteful, Depressed, Crafty

Since her fall, Schande is consumed with rage and a deep rifting sadness that twists through her soul. She often snaps at any small creatures that cross her path or stomps out any flower. The loss of her son has made her unstable in the mortal world. She shifts between three main moods: Angry at the world, soul draining sorrow, or straight lined focus on her plan. She is slowly learning to control her anger and use it as a tool to get her revenge on her family. Her sadness weighs her down like a rock on the bottom of a pond. Some days, she can barely stand to move for the dark shadow that hangs around her, echoing all her doubts, fears, and heartache in her ear. During these times she reminds herself of her son’s smile and pushes on to find the power to locate him. She has realized her pain did not go unnoticed by the mortals around her. She could used it to trick them into comforting her or follow her deep into the woods asking for help. She has learned many ways to trick the mortals so that she can steal their souls to give her the power to find her son.


The Legend-

Darkness, that was the beginning, deep inky blackness. Traveling through the darkness, our dark Father, Anfang drifted without purpose. His heart was weighed down with the terrible burden of loneliness. When the sorrow become too much for the Father, he bowed his head crying two tears. From his right tear, a fiery golden stag flared to life with a bullous rack that glowed so bright. From his left, a lithe silver stag with a slim rack whose glow was much softer than his brother’s. Anfang was filled with joy! He scooped his new sons up in his antlers, Sonne the golden on his right and Mond the silver on his left. He raised them high above filling the darkness with light for the first time. The Father give a cry of delight as the anguish that plagued his heart disappeared. His cry filled the darling with new light formed from his damp breath, twisting and crystallizing until thousands of little white does that danced around the three. The bright lights that surrounded him filled him with the warmth of love. From the warmth, life began to sprout upon his back taking the shape of his family. Anfang took pride in what he had made and what his sons had made. Together they watched over the fawnlings giving them light to keep the consuming darkness at bay.

For many centuries, all was well with the gods save for one little star. The doe was the dimmest of her sisters being born with a cloudy coat instead of a white one. She went unnoticed by both her family and the mortals below. She tried calling for her father’s attention but was never heard. She became desperate from going unheard and unseen for so long that she abandoned her place in the sky. She traveled through the darkness closer to her father and brothers but her dim glow provided very little help in guiding her. The doe misstepped, falling from the sky onto her father’s back into the mortal world. She called and called for her family, but none noticed the dimmest star was missing.

Distraught, the doe traveled the world looking for a way to rejoin her family. She began to learn the magic of the mortals finding that Black Magic had the most power to achieve her goal. But after years of studying, she grow no closer to the sky and her heart started to shrivel up. Then, she found it, the answer she had been looking for, the power she needed to return the heavens. She needed the power of light, the power of life light. Her hunt began as she searched far and wide for souls to power her spell. She comes to fawnlings on misty nights asking for their help for she is lost. Beware of this doe, you will know it is her by the dark bands on her body. These are her sins binding her soul and light. Do not go with her for she will suck the soul from your body leaving only a husk.

True History-

Not all legends reflect the truth, over time, the truth is often lost and replaced with a lesson of good versus evil. That is not far from Schande’s true history but there are still many things fawnlings do not know about her.

Leise was one of the last stars created by her father. She cloudy coat glowed much dimmer than her sisters and her light was lost in the brightness of her brothers. Her family paid her no mind, often forgetting that she was even there. For years, she tried to get their attention to show them she was just as good as her bright siblings but her calls and dances fell on deaf ears and went unseen. She thought of leaving her place in the sky for a long time but always feared the darkness would swallow her.

So she stayed, waited, and slowly started to hate her family for leaving her for so long. She just wanted someone to talk to, someone to love like her father loved her brothers. An idea struck the doe. If her father could create all this life, why couldn’t she? It was obvious that she would never gain her family's attention so she would just have to make her own. Her plot began. She did everything that her father had done. She cried, screamed, or just breathed into the open space around her. Nothing worked, not a single thing she tried. She did not understand why she could not do what her father had done. She turned to how the mortal fawnlings had been created. It hit her, she needed light! A cold fear shivered through her body. She did not have light, she was the dimmest and had none to spare. She was beginning to think she would never have her wish before a horrible thought entered her mind.

What if… What if she stole the light she needed? It was something to never be considered! To kill one of her sisters… But Leise heart longed so much, she left her place and traveled through the darkness to her closest sister. She traversed in the darkness for years all the while thinking about what she was going to do. As she traveled, her resolve strengthened with each day that no one took notice of her movements. She approached her sister, a white doe smaller than herself, to find her asleep. Leise did not hesitate, she leaped forward digging her tusks into her sister’s throat so she could not scream. With the deed down, Leise bowed her head over her sister’s body with a great inhale, she breathed in her sister’s light. Warmth spread throughout her body. It was like nothing she had ever felt. Was this what it felt like to be complete, to have all your light? She contemplated just keeping the warmth for herself but that would not fill the hole in her heart.

Exhaling fully, she released the light with a quiet whoosh. Before her very eyes, the light twisted and turned in on itself changing color as it took shape. A tiny gold tinted colt soon stood before her. He looked up at her with a smile stumbling forward to snuggle his mother. Leise was overjoyed with her golden bundle. She named him Kostbar for being her precious light. Together, they played and gave no worried for the other lights around them. They were their only universe as far as Leise was concerned.

Unfortunately, their joy was not to last. Her father soon noticed something was not right with one of his lights. He inspected it closer to find to his confusion that it was not his daughter dancing in the heavens but a strange fawn with a dim doe. He had never seen either of them. He did not remember making any fawns. Horror sunk in when he spotted a lifeless and lightless body hanging in the darkness. Knowing one of his daughters had been murdered filled Anfang with rage. He ordered his sons to begin the doe and the fawn to him. Leise found herself, for the first time, the foremost of her father’s attention. Anfang asked her how she could have done such a thing to her sister. It was easy for Leise to answer. She hated her family for leaving her alone for so long and had cut all ties to them. Anfang was enraged, he deemed her unworthy of living among the lights. He banished both her and Kostbar to the mortal world where they would wander for all time. He stripped her of her name instead giving her the name Schande so all would know of her disgrace and shame. So she would remember her crime for all of time, Anfang laid heavy chains across her body that bleed into her forming her stripes. As they fell from the heavens, Schande and her son were separated. She screamed for her son as she could only watch his speed farther away from her. Her landing and the newly bond stripes left her immobile for weeks.

Once Schande regained her mobility, her search began. She traveled across the land far and wide searching for her colt. Months of looking turned up nothing. Schande came to the realization that her father cursed her from finding Kostbar as part of her banishment. She would not let him do this to her not after she had just found happiness. She turned her attention to the magic of the mortals. She studied and researched ways to overcome the curse. At first, there was thing powerful enough to help her plan. But she would not give up, she would find her son no matter what. Then, the answer came in the form of Black Magic. She studied the Dark Arts finding that if you were willing to do a little dirty work, you could achieve almost anything. She had already soiled her hooves with her sister’s blood, what was a little more? Her research brought forth her power source, souls. The light that let mortals live.

Schande set out on her new quest: Steal as many souls possible to find Kostbar. She found out quickly that fear spreads like a disease among the mortals from her attacks on a couple of them. She started to be more subtle and craftier in luring away her victim to the shadows where no one would see them. She soon became known as the Doe of the Mist. With the mortals fear of her, it soon became difficult to collect souls. But she has never given up, she will beat her father and find her son once again. Then they’ll see, they’ll all see how wrong they were to ignore her and ruin her happiness.

Fawnlings - DOE LINES P2U by FatesSpirit They were prefect for her!
FatesSpirit Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
-Screams- ahhhh I love this!!!
SilverEnvy09 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016
Your lines were perfect for her character! Thank you so much <3
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