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Tangsten and Jinx (Played as NPC)

Mentions of Korolevskiy

Fall of Y766

Glenwood, Glenmore

The weather had just started to turn. Leaves were all different shades of reds and oranges. The breeze held a biting chill that promised more changed. Little Tangsten looked around himself with amazement and concern. Wasn’t it bad that the forest was changing such colors? Should it not always be green? He thought something was very wrong with the trees and with his father on guard duty, the colt turned to his mother for answers. He trotted up to the doe with a determined look.

"Tang," Jinx nuzzled her colt. “Something bothering you?

The colt nodded his head very seriously. "Weaves wong. 'at bad? Can fix?" Being so young had so many disadvantages. He know words but did not yet have the tongue to put them into sentences. He just hoped his choppy speech would be alright for the mother to understand.

Jinx smiled at the her son. "Oh yes, them leaves are suppose to change like that. It means that winter is coming and the trees are getting ready to nap under a blanket of snow."

Tangsten frowned. Winter? Snow? What were those things! He thought fall was strange but now there was something called winter? "Winer? Snooow?" He giggled at the word snow. It was so fun to say!

The doe nodded. "Yes, winter. It's a cold time of the year when a lot of animals and plants sleep. Snow is white and cold. It falls from the sky instead of trees likes leaves."

The colt thought for a moment before nodding. He kind of understand. He still didn't understand snow but the leaves falling was an okay thing. Maybe the leaves fall to keep the grass warm? He figured he'd find out when this 'winter' come.
Tangsten and Jinx (Played as NPC)
Mentions of Korolevskiy
Fall of Y766
Glenwood, Glenmore

Im on my phone that the moment when I just remembered I never posted this cute little bid I did for Tang! <3 Isn't he such a cute?!

Jinx MLPWolfsRainNikki
Korolevskiy FatesSpirit
MishfitMish Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This was too cute xD
I can see him gathering leaves to keep the grass in their home 'warm' xDD
SilverEnvy09 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
RIGHT?! He's such a cute shit <3
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